“Scene It? DVD Game - Seinfeld Edition is about to be out-of-stock…”

Scene It? DVD Game - Seinfeld Edition must be your First Choice for holiday gift in this season. Buy this for your beloved one. They will experience the humor of Seinfeld in this DVD game that's filled with clips, trivia questions, puzzlers and every yada yada yada from nine seasons of their favorite comedy. Whether they want to be master of their domain or to find serenity now, just pop the game disc into DVD player and stay tuned for a stand-up game of trivia and fun. Scene It? Seinfeld Edition tests their knowledge with real clips from the "show about nothing" as they answer trivia questions and race around the game board to win. Optreve Technology randomizes clips for a different game every time they play.

p.s. They are going to be out-of-stock Soon!

What Makes Scene It? DVD Game - Seinfeld Edition Popular?

The shopping season is coming. The best choice for holiday gift is the Scene It? DVD Game – Seinfeld Deluxe Edition, released by ScreenLife, the creator of the funniest DVD game Scene It? Series. The ones who will receive your gift are having fun with this game, which including trivia, clips and puzzles about the 9 seasons of the Show About Nothing?, by simply putting the DVD in their players.

The Scene It? DVD game has been becoming more and more popular since the release of the first edition in August 2004. It is a good idea to buy The Scene It? DVD Game – Seinfeld Edition as holiday gifts for adult because they must have enjoyed playing it since the first season. They can easily remember lots of phrases from the TV shows. This game can recall their memory like the man hands, manssieres and yada yada yada episode. It is also a great game for children as they can learn what the real CLASSIC means.

The game must not bore people as there are different ways for us to play. We can play the board game version with either a shorter or longer versions with watching the clips on our screen. If you are having a party with a large group of guests, you may want to play the DVD to make them fun all over the night with the Party Function on the Main Menu.